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E-commerce apps are increasingly becoming a lifestyle option. Shopping online is considerably more convenient than going to a physical store. Even those who go to stores use mobile applications to compare prices and read reviews. As a result, it’s accurate to state that e-commerce apps are available everywhere.


According to e-commerce statistics, mobile commerce sales will account for 54 percent of total e-commerce revenues by 2021. Most organisations are attempting to tap into a vast market that has yet to be discovered.


However, only 12% of consumers perceive purchasing on their phones to be convenient. As a result, there is still a lot of room for improvement. These two figures show that e-commerce has a large market with a lot of potential.


Implementing a customer loyalty programme is an excellent approach to encourage your consumers to spend more money. Your clients are more likely to join in this type of programme if you have an eCommerce mobile app. Customers are also 82 percent more inclined to shop on sites that provide reward programmes.

What features should you look for in an eCommerce app?

Mobile apps are increasingly being used as a way of life rather than a technological solution. Users are fast abandoning physical and mortar establishments as a result of the introduction of e-commerce apps. Users rely heavily on internet businesses for product reviews, feedback, and price comparison, among other things. As a result, an e-commerce application’s features should stand out.


  1. Registration process.
  2. Support multiple payment options.
  3. Push notifications.
  4. Custom branding.
  5. Social media integration.
  6. Great user experience.
  7. Google Analytics.
  8. Rating and feedback
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