Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of techniques, methods, and technology that businesses employ to manage and analyse customer interactions and data over the course of their relationship with them. The purpose is to improve customer service relationships, encourage client retention, and increase sales. CRM systems collect data from customers across several channels, or points of contact, with the firm, such as the company’s website, phone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials, and social media. CRM systems can also provide detailed information on consumers’ personal information, purchasing history, buying preferences, and concerns to customer-facing employees.

Why CRM is Beneficial for Businesses:


  1. CRM systems can help organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to giant corporations, by:
  1. Customer information such as previous purchases and interaction history might aid customer care professionals in providing better and faster service.
  2. Through reporting and visualisation options, organisations can detect trends and insights about their consumers by collecting and accessing customer data.
  3. A company or even a customer starts a Facebook fan page for your brand or product. Fans will sign up if they enjoy your brand and the way you do business, providing a platform for communication, marketing, and networking.
  4. A company can instantly disseminate information to users who are interested in its services or products.
  5. For real-time market data and feedback, a company can listen in on conversations about its brand.
  6. A customer may easily inform a company—and everyone else—about their positive or negative experiences with them.
  7. A company can respond immediately to negative comments, address consumer issues, and keep, restore, or rebuild client trust.
  8. A customer can utilise social networking sites to suggest new items or make changes to existing ones.
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