Website Development & Design

Webstiffy Technology offers development services ranging from planning your online strategy to writing content and marketing your online products.

We create static and dynamic websites with a plethora of features for the convenience of our customers’ businesses. Our website development is unrivalled in terms of features and performance. Our team specialises in the creation of Blogs, Shopping Carts, Content Management Systems, WordPress websites, Online Catalogues, and the integration of payment gateways with the most up-to-date features and technologies for large and small businesses.

  • Website Development with Joomla
  • WordPress Design of a Website
  • PHP Custom CRM Development
  • Website Development
    E-Commerce CMS
  • Website Development Prestashop and OpenCart are two examples of web development CMS.
  • Magento Website Development Website Design
  • Matrimonial Website Design
  • Development of a Travel Website
  • Enterprise Design of a Website
  • Design of a Hotel Website
    Blogs for magazines
    Directory and contact pages for social media websites
  • Websites for portfolios
    Business Website, Entertainment Website, Media Website, Brochure Website, Nonprofit Website,
  • Infopreneur Website, Personal Website, Web Portal Job Board

We have a unique understanding of Internet business as well as in-depth knowledge of the latest design technologies, allowing us to provide result-oriented graphic and web design solutions for our clients in India and abroad, giving them a “Competitive Edge” and a better chance of success on the web. Your website is an essential component of your brand’s image, identification, and communication strategy. Getting your visitors’ attention and providing a user-friendly website are the keys to successful web communication. Our sites do both: innovative design catches the eye, followed by a familiar and easy-to-navigate path.

A successful website starts with meticulously planning a rewarding user experience.
Our knowledgeable creative services team provides the following services:

  • Information Design and Strategic Planning
  • Architecture of Information
  • Design / Redesign of a Website
  • Designing User Interfaces for Web Applications
  • Web Development Animated Banner Design
  • Design of the Site Layout
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Designing a logo
  • Designing a Static Website
  • Designing a Dynamic Website
  • Designing a Responsive Website
  • Designing a Startup Website
  • Designing a Custom Website
  • Designing a Mobile Website
  • Designing an E-Commerce Website
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